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For as much as the NBA Draft has changed this year in response to the coronavirus pandemic, there are still quite a few similarities with those that have taken place in the past. The commissioner still goes up to a podium to read a prospect's name, NBA Insiders try to beat the broadcast in terms of announcing draft picks and, most notably, the prospects show out in some incredible draft day style.

Of course, the incentive this year to be dressed as flashy as possible is definitely lower given that many of the prospects are in their own home, but that didn't stop some from looking their best. For example, here are two of the top three draft picks showing off their fits.

Ironically, the most notable outfit from the top three picks came from the individual with the least formal clothing on. Edwards, who was selected first overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves, was in a pair of ripped jeans, a bomber jacket and a t-shirt. The shirt does have significant sentimental value as the names of his late mother and grandmother were on the shirt.

As for the rest of the draft prospects, here are some of the highlights from Wednesday evening, including perhaps the best outfit of the draft with Tyrese Haliburton's floral suit and embroidered jacket.