When news of Gordon Hayward going to the Celtics first broke Tuesday, it looked to be the domino setting off the final round of significant free-agent signings. Then, Hayward's camp said he had not made a final decision, which was confirmed by multiple outlets.

The consensus was information had leaked early and Hayward's camp tried to spin it as he was undecided. However, his agent now says Hayward did not reach a decision until late in the afternoon. The plan was for Hayward to inform the three teams he had talked to what his decision was and then post a Players' Tribune essay. Of course, that plan changed when Chris Haynes of ESPN broke the news hours beforehand. According to Hayward's agent, in a discussion with Deseret News, Mark Bartelstein said this completely messed up their intentions.

"It caused chaos. It was really unfair to Gordon and to us," Bartelstein said. "We are in the middle of going through this when all of a sudden this report came out that he'd made a decision. Obviously, we were flabbergasted this could come out."  

For those who believe Hayward faked being undecided so he could deliver the message himself, Bartelstein calls that "nonsense."

Even so, it's widely believed that Hayward made his decision and spent the afternoon writing his blog — even after the supposed leak — because he wanted to break the news his way and refused to admit it until his piece had been posted.

"That," Bartelstein said, "is complete nonsense."

It's likely Hayward did not want his decision leaked, but the drama did not ensue until reports surfaced that Hayward had yet to inform the Jazz of his decision. Maybe Hayward's camp tried to regain control of the message. Maybe not. Either way, nobody except Hayward and his agent know when he made his decision or how he made it.