After playing for the Bulls for the last eight years, Chicago has become a second home for Joakim Noah. The Bulls center has immersed himself into the city's community by spreading the message of peace and getting Chicago's youth prepared for school. Helping Chicago now also involves Noah's mother Cecilia Rodhe, as the two have teamed up with Be Creative to bring arts education to every Chicago Public Schools student.

Be Creative is "a $38 million private fundraising initiative, built on the fundamental principle that the arts are essential to education." Since they both have a background in the arts and understand the importance of arts education, Noah and his mother decided to join Be Creative as honory chairs.

"I've experienced firsthand the impact activities like sports and arts can have – how an emphasis on arts education can encourage kids to gain confidence, think outside of the box and embrace creativity," said Noah in a release. "We are fortunate that initiatives like Be Creative exist to make sure students aren't left out of these experiences."

Be Creative has an ambitious mission but with Noah on their side, someone who is used to proving doubters wrong, their goal definitely becomes more attainable. 

Joakim Noah appreciates good art.
Joakim Noah appreciates good art. (USATSI)