The coronavirus has shut down sports leagues across the world, including the NBA. As of now, it's unclear when things will resume, but after a call with the former U.S. surgeon general, owners are hopeful of getting going again before July, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. That's important for a number of reasons, including because of how it could impact USA Basketball.

The 2020 Olympics are scheduled for July 24 through August 9 in Tokyo, Japan, and NBA players have represented Team USA for decades, winning gold medals in each of the past three events. At this time it's impossible to predict how things may look in a few months, but with the Olympics still planning to go forward as scheduled, there is a very real possibility that the NBA may be finishing the playoffs at that time. 

Despite the uncertainty, Team USA is pushing forward with its preparations. Golden State Warriors coach and Team USA assistant Steve Kerr said in a conference call that he's had discussions with San Antonio Spurs and Team USA coach Gregg Popovich in recent days to formulate a plan. 

"Pop and I have spoken a couple of times over the last week or so," Kerr said Tuesday during a conference call with reporters. "And -- everything's just up in the air. There's no sense of whether things are going to be delayed or anything. We're all kind of sitting here wondering what's going to happen and so is the rest of the world. We're just going to plan as if this is going to happen and we're going to try and put together a roster and that's all we can do."

While it's hard to even think about what the world, in general, will look like in a few months, this is the best way for Kerr, Popovich and Team USA to handle things. From a practical standpoint, you simply can't assume anything is going to be canceled until you hear from the IOC. If things get shut down or postponed, then that happens, and you deal with it when it comes, but you can't be unprepared for something as big as the Olympics. 

But beyond that, it's probably helpful just to maintain some sense of normalcy. These are troubling times for everyone, and it's easy to lose yourself to fear or anxiousness when something this big and uncontrollable is happening around you. Sticking to a routine and going forward with your work as best as possible can be helpful for everyone, even NBA coaches.