In a rather curious move, the Cavaliers offered disposed coach David Blatt a championship ring. Blatt did help mold the Cavs but was fired last season, and it was Tyronn Lue who was able to guide the team to a stellar playoff run followed by an unprecedented winning Finals comeback.

But the Cavs as an organization felt strongly that they should offer Blatt a ring since he played a role in building them into a championship-caliber team. And after thinking about it for a bit, Blatt has decided to accept the Cavs offer and will receive one of their diamond encrusted championship rings. It's a team move that LeBron James says he supports while making it clear he has no say in deciding who gets a ring from the franchise.

From Tom Withers of the Associated Press:

Blatt told Israel-based reporter David Pick that he accepted the ring from the Cavs "because they presented it to me in a way that was very respectful."

"The Cavaliers wanted to give me a ring because the organization felt that I contributed to the championship," he said. "It's not my championship, I recognize that, but I also feel that I did something there, and I graciously accepted because it was a gracious offer on their part. The big thing for me was that I felt that they felt that it was earned, not given, therefore I was happy to accept."?


Cavs superstar LeBron James, who had an up-and-down relationship with Blatt, said he was behind the team's decision.

"That's an organizational thing and if that's what they wanted to do, then we're all for it," he said. "Who am I to say who can or can't get a ring?"

James makes a salient point here. Sure he didn't always see eye-to-eye with Blatt but if the organization wants his former coach to get a ring, why would he stop it? What is he supposed to do, throw a tantrum like a child?

Come on now.

James may be the Cavs franchise star and imposes his will on certain roster decisions, but overall he knows when he should meddle and when he shouldn't. Plus Lue, someone who James has a great relationship with, is in favor of Blatt getting a ring and was basically the driving force for the whole thing.

From Withers:

"That's the first thing I said when we won, that we need to get coach Blatt a ring," Lue said Wednesday night after the Cavs defeated Orlando in their exhibition opener. "I had to fight him a little bit. He didn't want to do it. But he definitely deserves one. I'm glad he accepted it and I'm glad the organization is going to get him one."

Again it is kind of strange that Blatt will be getting a ring, but if the organization, James and Lue are all for it, then it only seems right that the former coach is considered a part of the Cavs 2016 championship.