Dennis Rodman's two days spent in Las Vegas during the Chicago Bulls' 1998 postseason -- which was highlighted in "The Last Dance" -- is now being turned into a movie of its own. The film will be titled "48 Hours in Vegas" and Rodman is set to be an executive producer. 

The Lionsgate Film will go will be based on Rodman's experiences and the friendship he made with his assistant, according to Rolling Stone, during the trip that took place in the middle of the NBA Finals. It is being written by Jordan VanDina and will include Phil Lord and Christopher Miller as producers. 

"There's only one Dennis Rodman. In 1998, there was nobody on Earth who'd be more fun — or maybe more dangerous — to party with," Lionsgate's Nathan Kahane said. "And yet that's not even half of who he is. This movie takes you on an unforgettable ride with the myth, the legend, and also the man that Dennis is, behind everything you think you know. You think you know anything about 'The Worm?' Just you wait!"

It's not secret that Rodman's time in Vegas has enough twists to make a good movie.

Bulls head coach Phil Jackson allowed Rodman to take a break in the middle of the NBA Finals. Notably in "The Last Dance," Michael Jordan explained that he was not on board with Jackson's decision to allow Rodman to make the trip.

Famously, Rodman did not come back in the timeframe he told the Bulls he would, which caused both Jackson and Jordan to go to Vegas and retrieve Rodman themselves. Rodman's time in Vegas was brought up in two episodes of "The Last Dance."