Back when he played in the NBA, Mike Bibby was your average point guard in terms of build. Muscular, yes. He was a professional athlete after all. But a little on the slight side. He was better when he had space to work with, he wasn't going to tank you over. Back then, he looked like this:

Here's my question: Would Kobe Bryant have done that interview if he had to stand next to a Mike Bibby that looks like this?

Bibby, who now plays in the BIG3, must be playing on the Jersey Shore Situations, because he's suddenly massive. Bibby retired and must have said something like, "the Western Conference finals are for the weak, my life is in the gym now." Twitter took notice of how utterly massive Bibby got.

Even Gabrielle Union got in on the fun, alluding to an incident in 2012 in which her husband Dwyane Wade threw Bibby's shoe.

Bibby's been bigger, mind you, albeit not quite this big. You can see that he started bulking before BIG3 season last year.

Admittedly, he wasn't the cartoon character then that he is now, but Bibby has definitely been working out since he retired. We'll also need to look up the BIG3's policies on steroid use.