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Questionable calls can happen in any sporting event, but former NBA referee Tim Donaghy is known for doing a lot more than just accidentally messing up a few calls through his career. The veteran referee who became infamously known for fixing NBA games and gambling on them will soon get his story told in a Netflix documentary, according to New York Daily News' Stefan Bondy.

Donaghy worked in the NBA from 1994 to 2007. He resigned when his gambling arrangements were discovered, and an FBI investigation led to a 15 month prison sentence. His attorney John Lauro told U.S. District Judge Carol Amon that Donaghy had a gambling addiction and needed treatment. Donaghy also tried to soften his punishment -- which could've been up to 33 months -- by providing additional information about widespread misconduct by the NBA. This is a key reason of why the documentary could be particularly controversial. Another reason is that according to Bony, Donaghy himself will be involved in the making of it.

The upcoming documentary won't be the first time we get an inside look at what happened. He gave a first-person account of it all in his book 'Personal Foul' which was published in 2009. There have also been more than a handful of podcasts, documentaries and even a movie that talk about Donaghy's story. The Whistleblower podcast, started in 2020, digs deep into the scandal.

Netflix already has a docuseries called 'Bad Sport' that focuses on controversies in the sports world. It's still unclear if Donaghy's documentary will be part of the second season of the series or a stand-alone piece. He already made an appearance in the 2021 documentary Malice at the Palace. No more details, including the release date, have been shared.