Jared Sullinger was once a first-round draft pick. He spent the first four years of his career as a consistent rotation player with the Celtics, but his fifth season would be his last. He played only 11 games with the Raptors before he was traded to the Suns and promptly waived. So far he's without an NBA contract and hasn't been involved in any rumors.

Sullinger is currently playing in "The Basketball Tournament" in Brooklyn: a winner-take-all summer tournament where the winning team receives $2 million. It's not the money Sullinger is interested in. He wants a job.

Rob Oller of the Columbus Dispatch interviewed Sullinger about his efforts to get back to an NBA team, and it all begins with what forced him out in the first place: his weight.

"I lost a year of basketball directly because of what I have done — my weight and my eating habits," he said, explaining how his unwillingness to shed pounds led the Celtics to release him in 2016 and later contributed to the Toronto Raptors trading him to Phoenix on Feb. 23. The Suns cut him the next day.  

Sullinger acknowledged the problem, and from there he has done his best to battle that weight. He's down to 285 these days, but it's not easy. The millions who struggle with weight issues on a daily basis confirm that, but that doesn't mean he's not trying.

"My biggest was 320, when I was finishing my fourth year with Boston (2015-2016)," the 25-year-old offered. "Honestly, it was embarrassing."  

As Sullinger battles his weight, there's potentially one team taking notice in him. Reportedly, the Nets were giving Sullinger a look while he played Saturday.

Brooklyn might not be the best team out there, but Sullinger doesn't sound like someone that's picky about where he ends up. He wants to be in the NBA and he wants to prove that his weight isn't going to stop him from accomplishing that goal.