Mike Conley is extremely good at basketball. 

While casual fans might not rate him amongst the best point guards in the league, ask journalists, reporters, other players, and they'll tell you: Conley can play. And if you don't want to take their word for it, just ask Kanye West. 

The rapper is apparently a huge Conley fan, so much so that West randomly called up the Grizzlies point guard in the middle of the night this summer to tell him that he wanted to link up the next time Conley comes to Los Angeles. 

The full story from Conley:

"It was like 12:30 at night, I was just like, 'hello?' You know, 'who is this?' He was like, 'yeah, this is Ye.' I was like, 'who?' You know, trying to put it together. Long story short, he was like, 'man just come out to LA, whenever you're out in LA we'll get together. I just want to let you know I admire you, I really like what you do, I hate to see that you're underrated.'

I mean, just going through all these things, like, he actually watches me play. That's what I was thinking in my head, like 'he actually knows a lot about me.' He wasn't reading off a paper or anything. 

He was just going like, 'man, I just think that you can get up here, they just don't see you like that.' 

I'm just like, 'man, 100 percent, I'm with you! What we can we do?' 

Later, Conley joked he was looking to get on one of Kanye's songs. "I'm looking for a feature or something, you know put me in the background, sample some of my music, I got going on."

In an NBA summer full of strange twists and turns, Kanye turning out to be one of Conley's biggest fans might be the most surprising yet. If not, it's certainly the most beautiful. 

An ultralight beam, a God dream, this Kanye and Mike Conley story is everything.