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New York Knicks point guard Jalen Brunson put on a show on Friday night, going 9-for-9 from 3-point range while scoring a career-high 50 points in a 139-122 road win over the Phoenix Suns. The only other players to ever make all nine 3-point attempts in an NBA game are Latrell Sprewell and Ben Gordon (who did it twice).

Brunson is the first NBA player to score 50 or more points in a game while shooting 100% on at least eight 3-point attempts. For reference, Kyrie Irving scored 57 points on 7-for-7 3-point shooting in 2015.

The history doesn't stop there, though.

Brunson went 17-of-23 from the field -- tremendous efficiency by any standard. But it gets even crazier when you consider the fact that he didn't miss a single shot in the second half. That's right. Brunson went 12-for-12 from the field and 8-for-8 from behind the arc while scoring 35 points in the second half.

No NBA player has ever scored at least 30 points in a half without missing a shot.

Brunson's previous career-high was 48 points, which was set against the Cleveland Cavaliers this past March. The point guard is averaging a career-best 25.6 points per game this season while shooting a pristine 46% from 3-point range.

"It means a lot," Brunson said of his career night. "But, I mean, I try to focus on continuing to get better. We've got a long way to go. This is a good night, but we've got to bounce back and get ready for tomorrow."