LeBron James wanted his Cavaliers teammates to look good for Game 3 against the Pacers. That means he bought everybody on his team a tailored suit to wear. When they arrived on site it was a unified team in nothing but nice looking suits. This was a nice gesture by James from his team.

However, it was also kind of weird to have the entire team show up wearing the same exact thing. It's reminiscent of teams like the Wizards showing up in all black, or when the Rockets showed up wearing all black, or when the Celtics showed up wearing all black. At least James was smart enough to pick out a gray suit rather than a black one.

The problem is that any time a team shows up wearing the same thing it's going to lead to Twitter jokes. Even the kindest gestures fall to the fate of being made fun of. Because Twitter is Twitter they had a lot of fun with this one. Especially the players that didn't quite pull off the suit look.

Others think this means the Cavs are going to win, or lose. They're really not sure how they feel.

Others just had to get their jokes off no matter what.

Really the lesson here is don't show up to an NBA game all wearing the same thing. Maybe this will go well for them on the floor, and that's all they care about, but Twitter is going to get jokes off about it no matter what happens. Especially if it ends in a loss.