In the saga surrounding LeBron James, taking center stage is his potential departure from the Cleveland Cavaliers next summer, when he can become a free agent. 

Should he decide to once again break Cleveland's heart and leave, the most talked about destination is Los Angeles, where James has a home, and spends plenty of time during the offseason. Such a move is at least a year off, but the combination of James, free agency and the Los Angeles Lakers has everyone in the basketball world on high alert for the next clue that will determine his future. 

On Wednesday, LeBron James delivered it himself, calling Los Angeles, "home" in a tweet to Jamal Crawford.

Yes! There it is. This is what we've all been waiting, searching, hoping to glean. This is the clue we've needed all along. Finally, we have the truth. James will be joining the Lakers. 

Doubters (or sane people) may say things like, "Oh, this is just a Tweet, it doesn't mean anything." Or perhaps, "He just colloquially referred to Los Angeles, where he has a house and lives for a decent portion of the year as 'home,' it's not a big deal." They may even laugh and cry out, "Who cares?"

It may not mean anything, but it does mean one thing, and it's the only thing that matters to those who wish to see it: LeBron James is going to be a Los Angeles Laker.