More than ever, people are looking for entertainment to keep their minds off of what's going on in the world. That's where TikTok has come in for many. While the coronavirus pandemic has kept the vast majority of the world's population quarantined, celebrities and athletes have joined the platform.

Now, even Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James is getting in on the action. In a video that was posted on his son Bryce James' TikTok account, LeBron could be seen dancing with a filter that makes it appear that he is dancing in a room full of people.

James has even admitted that he isn't afraid to look like a "fool" after taking to Twitter to weigh in on being forced to participate in the TikTok game. The Lakers star certainly has no problem letting loose and showcasing his dance moves.

Despite not having his own account, James is no stranger to TikTok. He appeared in a family dance video on TikTok last month with the rest of his family.

James certainly has never had a problem keeping people entertained and this comes at a time where we need it now more than ever. It's likely not going to be the last time that James makes an appearance on TikTok.