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Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James wasn't exactly a huge fan of the NBA Orlando bubble experience last year and he is making his feelings on the experience clear. He talked about the bubble on HBO's "The Shop," saying he can't hear the word "Orlando" without reacting negatively.

James said:

"You gotta understand anytime I hear Orlando right now, I get PTSD."

The Lakers' star said he hasn't been able to bring his daughter to Disney World because he currently can't imagine going back to the city.

When asked if he would ever join the Orlando Magic, No. 23 said if he got traded there he would just call it a career.

"I'm not going," he he joked about the hypothetical trade. "I'm just retiring. It's over. It's over with."

Orlando mayor Buddy Dyer took these comments a little personally and wants James to have a different experience in his city. He invited the future Hall of Famer out to lunch with him the next time he stops by Orlando.

Dyer wrote on Twitter, "I'm certain that you didn't experience the other half of Orlando during your time in the bubble last summer, [James]. Next time you're here, let's go out for lunch. You'll see that our community is diverse, inclusive and vibrant."

I'm not sure a single lunch will reverse James' thoughts on Orlando following his time in the bubble, but I love the mayor's efforts and support for his city.