Even though the NBA seems to be moving away from their brief infatuation with sleeved jerseys, the Charlotte Hornets are still embracing the look. Yesterday, the team unveiled an alternate “Pride” uniform with the words "Buzz City" on the front.

From the team's website:

The Charlotte Hornets today unveiled a new black, sleeved “Pride” uniform to be worn during the 2015-16 NBA season.  The alternate uniform, which may be worn as many as six times during the season, features the words “Buzz City” on the front, along with the Buzz City logo on the waistband.

The phrase “Buzz City” on the chest appears in white with a teal outline, while the number on both the front and back, the player’s name on the back and the Buzz City logo on the waistband are all in solid teal.  The uniform features stripes in a teal-white-teal pattern on both sides that cross at the bottom of the shorts just below a teal silhouette logo. 

Like the team’s white home, purple road and teal alternate uniforms, the Pride uniform features the crossover-style V-neck collar and the logo on the waistband that were also used by the original Hornets.

“The Pride uniform is designated to celebrate something local to a team or region, and it was obvious to us that it needed to commemorate Buzz City,” said Hornets Sports & Entertainment President & COO Fred Whitfield.  “Buzz City is about the enthusiasm that our fans have for our team and our city, and this uniform allows us to put that feeling into a physical banner that our players display.”

As Bring Back the Buzz showed on Twitter, the jerseys do look very similar to the jerseys of the Carolina Panthers.

It will be interesting to see how the jerseys look during game play, sleeved jerseys have historically not been a good look but perhaps the Hornets can pull these off.

Charlotte is buzzing about the new Hornets jerseys.
Charlotte is buzzing about the new Hornets jerseys. (Hornets.com)