LeBron James is a king on the court, but he doesn't rule his home. When he spotted his daughter, Zhuri, in the stands, and said hi to her midway through the game, she asked for some candy. James immediately dropped the playful attitude and became the Terminator of candy seeking.

This might be a play for the cameras, because I don't buy for a second that Zhuri can't find a Cavaliers employee to roll a red carpet up to the concession stands of Quicken Loans Arena and give her all of the candy in the place, but it's still goofy seeing LeBron James go from person to person asking for candy.

His tone switch is crazy too. As soon as she asks, he gets all hush-hush and serious. He's getting that candy, and he'll fire everyone in that place to do it.

It feels safe to assume that LeBron compensated the guy that gave him the candy, because otherwise an NBA player just became a begger mid-game. But the idea of him just taking candy from some poor employee that literally can't say no is too good.