Remember that time everyone made a habit of imagining LeBron James in the NFL?

Oh, you're still doing that? While you wait for it to come to fruition, you can at least take solace knowing that King James has broken barriers in another sport and come to the baseball diamond. Sort of.

As part of a new Sprite campaign, which rolls out this week, the four-time NBA MVP has embraced an alter ego named Big Taste, and he's adopted it along with the job of ace pitcher. With California rapper Kamaiyah as his catcher, James is tasked with striking out Thirst -- yes, a real, live rendition of Thirst -- after coming in as a relief arm, and seeing the Cavaliers superstar in a lemon-lime uniform might be the best part about it.

James, who has partnered with Sprite since 2003 (his first year in the NBA), said actually striking out Thirst in the ad series "was something I've always wanted to do."

"It was fun to do something different and play the role of what felt more like an alter ego in Big Taste," James said. "Sprite is always coming up with creative ways to tell their story that connect with fans, and this time that meant pulling on the stirrups and taking the mound for that big strikeout, which is something you dream about doing as a kid."

LeBron James stars as Big Taste in Sprite's new campaign. Sprite

The ad series, deemed "Big Taste Cuts Through" and headlined by a 60-second spot, is meant to showcase "Sprite's ability to cut through thirst with its cool, crisp, clear taste."