The Dallas Mavericks recently got in the Halloween spirit and although Dirk Nowitzki may have won the award for best costume on the team, head coach Rick Carlisle should be the unquestioned second place winner. 

While Carlisle didn't wear an elaborate costume, he did put some serious thought into his ensemble by recognizing that he does look a lot like the actor Jim Carrey.

Amazingly, Carrey has acknowledged before that he looks like the Mavs coach. Carrey even commented on their resemblance while appearing on the David Letterman show several years ago.

Just an amazing yet simple costume by Carlisle. Hopefully he gives out spicy meatballs to Trick-or -Treaters that stop by his house on Halloween.

Rick Carlisle channels Jim Carrey.
Rick Carlisle channels Jim Carrey. (USATSI)