Los Angeles Clippers fans may have a new favorite player in Boban Marjanovic. In the fourth quarter of Sunday's game between the Clippers and Houston Rockets, the Rockets' big man was at the free-throw line, and was able to give Clippers fans free chicken.

The Clippers have a promotion in which all fans receive a free Chick-fil-A sandwich if an opposing player misses two consecutive free throws in the fourth quarter. After missing his first free throw, Marjanovic obliged by missing the second throw after clearly being aware of the promotion.

Marjanovic even pointed to the crowd in celebration after bricking the second free throw.

The Rockets were leading the Clippers 105-97 at the time of Marjanovic's antics and ended up coming away with a 116-105 victory. The game didn't hold much significance for Houston, who was already eliminated from postseason contention.

Marjanovic still ended up having a productive game with 13 points while securing eight rebounds in just 12 minutes.

Marjanovic, who played for the Clippers from 2018 to 2019, clearly had a soft spot for the crowd. He acknowledged that he was aware of the promotion, and was happy to award the crowd some free chicken sandwiches.