It's actually surprising that Michael Jordan didn't already have a branded drink. After winning six championships in the NBA, one could argue that he should've gotten into the champagne business, but tequila will have to do. 

According to Forbes, The Hall of Famer is teaming up with owners from the Lakers, Celtics and Bucks to create a premium tequila that, no surprise, has already won at several taste competitions across the country. Looking at the list of people involved in this -- from Jordan to Jeanie Buss -- it's hard to see this product failing. 

Jordan has already been very hands-on in the process, collaborating with executives at Nike to design the bottle. It is made of crystal and will feature five leafs as a nod to the five leafs of the agave plant, and will be tilted at a 23 degree angle, because of course a Jordan brand is going to pay homage to his iconic jersey number. After all, the man does know a thing or two about designing products, having some of the most sought-after sneakers still selling out within minutes, decades after his Chicago Bulls days. 

The brand's name is Cincoro, named after the five owners who bonded over their shared interest in the agave liquor and came up with the idea to get into the tequila business. After testing the waters in a few areas the brand has already sold out in the several U.S. markets its been in, and has plans to be in all 50 states by next year with hopes to take the company global in the future. 

"We sold 300 cases in Massachusetts in the first three days," said Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck via Forbes. "The first reorders came through as well from Florida, where it was on sale for just a week." 

While the tequila isn't widely released yet, once it hits markets nationally it's sure to be a hit just like most everything else Jordan is involved in. If nothing else, maybe Cincoro can become a new brand partner with the Charlotte Hornets