In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, "The Last Dance" documentary about the the final championship run of Michael Jordan as a member of the Chicago Bulls captivated sports fans around the country. The 10-part series provided an in-depth look into Jordan both on and off the court and fans couldn't get enough of it.

Now basketball fans will get another look at Jordan's final championship run in the form of "Michael Jordan to the Max. Michael Jordan to the Max" which is is being remastered for an IMAX release on Oct. 9 and, like "The Last Dance," focuses on Jordan's final season with the Bulls.

The documentary film is 45 minutes in length and is narrated by actor Laurence Fishburne. The film was originally released in 2000, but is being brought back due to the surge of interest in Jordan's personality, life both on and off the court, and the Bulls dynasty, which dominated the NBA in the 1990s.

"Michael Jordan to the Max" primarily focuses on the 1998 NBA playoffs in addition to other accomplishments that Jordan had throughout his NBA career. The documentary also has numerous appearances from athletes, coach, and celebrities such as Phil Jackson, Doug Collins, Steve Kerr, Spike Lee, and Pat Riley among many others.

For those who may not have had a chance to appreciate Jordan's historic run in the late 1990s, this provides another chance for an up-close-and-personal look at Jordan. Or if you've seen the film before, it's a chance to experience Jordan's greatness once again.