NBA teams have now been inside the Disney World bubble for nearly two weeks, and so far, things seem to be running pretty smoothly. There were two positive tests during the initial arrival period, and a few players have been forced to quarantine for extended periods for breaking rules, but other than that there has not been any major issues. 

That trend continued on Monday, when the league announced there were zero positive COVID-19 tests for players over the past week. Via the league's press release:

Of the 346 players tested for COVID-19 on the NBA campus since test results were last announced on July 13, zero have returned confirmed positive tests. 

In the event that a player on the NBA campus returns a confirmed positive test in the future, he will be isolated until he is cleared for leaving isolation under the rules established by the NBA and the Players Association.

By all indications, that's a very positive sign that the bubble is working as intended so far. Still, even though it's great to hear that no one else has tested positive, players and staff will need to remain vigilant to make sure that remains the case with the restart of the season fast approaching. 

Scrimmages are set to begin on Wednesday, with each team scheduled for three practice games before the season resumes on July 30. The first of those scrimmages will be played with shortened 10-minute quarters, as the league looks to protect players' health.

While there have been no positive cases inside the bubble, numerous players who have come down with COVID-19 have yet to arrive in Orlando. While teams have been vague about who exactly is still missing, it's clear many of them do not have their full complement of players.