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When the Boston Celtics kicked off Game 6 of the NBA Finals with a 14-2 run, it looked like they were the team about to go on a historic run. That's not what happened. The Warriors slowly but surely cut into the lead, getting it down to six at 22-16 with 2:53 remaining in the first quarter. And then? The Warriors ran the Celtics off of the floor. The Warriors would go on to win 103-90 to claim their fourth title in eight years.

The Celtics didn't score again until the 9:59 mark of the second quarter. In that span, the Warriors had turned a six-point deficit into a 15-point lead. In a scant four minutes and 54 seconds, the Warriors went on the single longest scoring run in the last 50 years of NBA Finals history: 21-0.

The amazing thing about the run? The Warriors got just one bucket out of Stephen Curry in the process. He made a 3 late in the first quarter, but rested for the beginning of the second. Instead, it was Jordan Poole who led the way with 11 points in the second. Their team defense stifled the Celtics for nearly five minutes, and by the time the run had ended, a relatively close game became one that the Warriors controlled completely.

The Warriors have always been a team of runs. Their reliance on the 3-point shot makes them inherently streaky. It therefore seems appropriate that on a night in which they have a chance to clinch their fourth championship in eight years, they'd put up a historic run like this. It was the culmination of everything that makes the Warriors the Warriors. 

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