Zach Randolph was a central figure to the "grit 'n' grind" era of the Grizzlies. His classic "beat 'em up" style and toughness was an exact mirror of the identity Memphis wanted to represent. Of course, everything must reach their end eventually and Randolph's time with the Grizzlies has come to an end on the Fourth of July.

According to ESPN, the Kings and Randolph reached an agreement on a two-year, $24 million contract that will keep him well paid the last few years of his career. The news of the signing comes moments after veteran point guard George Hill reportedly agreed to join Sacramento on a three-year, $57 million contract.

 At 35 years old, there wasn't an expectation for him to receive an expensive offer, but the Kings were willing to take that risk on him despite age. Randolph is still a solid big, but his production has taken a large dip the last few seasons. As the NBA evolves, he can't just go out and play his gritty aggressive style. He's an inefficient scorer that tries to bully his way to the rim and that's an awkward fit on any team nowadays.

That said, the Kings will get good individual production out of Randolph. His style might be odd, but there aren't many players better at it and the Kings will make use of what he can do. On top of this he adds a much needed veteran presence to their locker room.