The NBA's one-and-done rule could finally be reaching an end. Commissioner Adam Silver has said in the past he's conflicted about the rule and it's been under heavy scrutiny ever since its introduction. Many incoming players feel it is unfair to force NBA-level talent to wait a year before turning pro.

The rule has been put under an even bigger spotlight with a commission recently requesting the NBA put an end to the rule. With so much pressure to end the rule, and the NBA not seeing much gain from it, a change could be in the future. However, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, that change won't be until 2020 at the earliest. 

It feels like everybody has a reason to want one-and-done to end at this point. College basketball hasn't gained much from players spending less than a year in college with full intentions of jumping to the NBA immediately after. The prospects themselves have to either spend a year without payment in college or play one year of pro ball internationally. The NBA isn't getting more developed or mature players with the one-year wait. 

One-and-done has outlived the little usefulness it had. It's time to end the rule and allow the players to make the decision themselves on when they should enter the NBA.