Earlier in this quarantine situation, while the NBA was still in the planning stage for resuming the 2019-20 season, there were all sorts of ideas thrown around. One of them was that because there will no longer be homecourt advantage, the higher-seeded teams come playoff time would be allowed to bring their own courts down to Florida for the games. 

With only three game courts to be in use once play begins, that idea just isn't feasible from a logistical standpoint, but teams are bringing their courts down to Orlando -- not for games, but for practices and workouts. Early on Thursday, the NBA shared a photo of courts being set up in a ballroom at the Coronado Springs Convention Center. 

In the photos, we can see the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers courts set up, with the Orlando Magic court waiting on the side, and others still on a big truck. This is the first look we've had inside the bubble at Disney World, and it shows just how unique this situation is going to be. 

The courts being right on top of each other gives off a real AAU vibe, but unlike those youth tournaments, there won't actually be many people around at once. Teams will practice at staggered times in order to promote social distancing and keep everyone healthy. 

As teams start traveling to Orlando next week, we should start getting more information about how everything in the bubble is going to look.