Paul Pierce is coming clean about a moment that has lived in infamy from the 2008 NBA Finals.

The Boston Celtics faced the Los Angeles Lakers in the Finals that year, and despite the Kobe Bryant-led Lakers being heavily favored entering the series, it was the Celtics who emerged victorious after six games and Pierce claiming the Finals MVP award.

While the series was notable for a few reasons, the most memorable occurrence was when Pierce was escorted out of Game 1 in a wheelchair due to an unspecified injury. He returned a few minutes later, which led to many speculating that the injury was fake. Why would he need a wheelchair only to hustle back from the locker room in such a short period of time?

Well, it's 11 years later and it may have taken over a decade, but Pierce has an explanation -- and it had nothing to do with being hurt. However, the reason why he went out on the wheelchair was that he apparently had to use the bathroom.

And so it's confirmed -- Pierce not only faked the injury, he simply could not contain himself during the opening game of the Finals.

We don't know if this was due to nerves -- it was Pierce's first-ever Finals game -- or if there was something else which caused the issue. It's best to not further analyze and simply leave it to Pierce to explain.

But on the bright side, Pierce was able to overcome this setback and lead the Celtics to their lone NBA title in the past 32 years.