Earlier on Monday afternoon, I was reading some tweets on the popular social media website Twitter dot com when I came across a story about Steph Curry's love for frozen pizza. 

Apparently, his wife, Ayesha, went on a food podcast and started talking trash about his eating habits. I guess she was trying to make fun of him by saying the Warriors star loves stuff like chicken tenders and ramen and frozen pizza but honestly it just makes Steph sound cool, so I'm not sure what her plan was there. 

Anyway, she specifically called out his love for Red Baron pizza. Transcription via SB Nation:

No, he really wasn't. When we first started dating he was like, "Oh, you went to the grocery store and you didn't get the Red Baron pizza?" And I'm like "No, I didn't. I did not get the Red Baron pizza." He was like a Red Baron pizza — anywhere pizza, pizza's great, but not every day — he was a chicken tenders, ramen noodle guy. But not the good ramen. The one-minute joints.

I'm just really failing to see the problem here. All of those foods rule. 

And let me fill you in on a little secret. Most people are afraid to tell you this, but I will never let the truth be silenced: Frozen pizza is actually far superior to any of those chain pizza joints. I'm sorry that you've been lied to all these years, but I'm here to set you free. 

Also, why the hate for Red Baron? Is it the greatest frozen pizza around? No, I don't think I would go that far, but the guys over at First We Feast know a lot about food, and they ranked it No. 2, so in your face, haters. 

Okay, I guess that's enough rambling about frozen pizza. The main point here is Steph's choice of frozen pizza is actually good, and he should not be shamed for enjoying it. Not by his wife, not by the internet, not by anyone.