The Milwaukee Bucks came up with a big win Saturday night over the Portland Trail Blazers, and it was nearly all thanks to their budding superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo

The Greek Freak dropped a career-high 44 points and also finished with eight rebounds, four assists, and two steals. One of those steals, however, was a matter for debate.

Late in the game, the Bucks trailed 110-109 and desperately needed a stop. Thanks to Giannis, they got one. 

As C.J. McCollum tried to navigate the Bucks' hectic defensive pressure, he dribbled toward the free-throw line and tried to protect the ball. Giannis knocked the ball away, then sprinted down the other end of the floor and threw down a dunk to put the Bucks up 111-110. 

Thanks to a big block by Giannis on the next possession, that dunk became the winning basket, as the Bucks held on, winning 113-110. After the game, though, there was some debate about whether or not Giannis had fouled McCollum as he knocked the ball away. 

As McCollum dribbled near the free throw line, Giannis did put his hand on the hip of the Blazers guard, which many people saw as a foul. McCollum himself didn't make any official statement about the play, saying after the game that he didn't want to lose any money by getting fined.

He did, however, post a screen shot of Giannis' hand on his hip to his Instagram live story. Though he didn't put any caption, it's pretty clear what he's trying to say.

Not that it would have mattered, as the Blazers already lost, but there was no vindication for McCollum in the NBA's two-minute report on Sunday. The league announced that the refs were correct in not calling a foul on the play, saying, "Antetokounmpo (MIL) deflects the ball away from McCollum (POR). The contact to McCollum's body with his other hand does not affect his SQBR and is considered incidental."

SQBR stands for speed, quickness, balance, rhythm, so the league basically said that yes he made contact, but it didn't affect McCollum in any significant way, so it's not a foul. 

Now, you can debate whether you think that should be a foul, but per the league's standards, it was not one.