Without a doubt, Stephen Curry is the best three-point shooter in the NBA and arguably in league history. Able to effortlessly swish threes from well behind the arc, Curry smashed his own league record last season by making 402 three-pointers, surpassing his previous mark of a now seemingly paltry 286. However, Warriors coach Steve Kerr doesn't expect the two-time MVP winner to reach 400 threes again this season.

With Kevin Durant joining the Warriors, Curry and his backcourt mate Klay Thompson will have to alter their own individual games. This likely means less shots, which Curry doesn't believe will actually happen. However, speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Kerr made it pretty clear that the shot distribution will be pretty divided among the three. Meaning that any chance Curry has of breaking his own three-point record is slim to none.

Kerr has also mentioned that while the Warriors have added more firepower with Durant, that doesn't automatically translate into Golden State breaking their single-season wins record of 73. While Golden State was pretty much unstoppable last season, gunning for the win record took a lot out of the team. Kerr loves to manage the minutes of his stars yet often times last season acquiesced to playing Curry, Thompson and Draymond Green more than he would've liked because the record was within reach. That likely won't happen again this season, so if Curry's minutes are being managed, it will make reaching 400 3s even tougher for him to accomplish.

There is also the fact the Warriors don't need Curry to make 400-plus threes in a single season because now they have Durant, one of the league's best scorers. Durant gives them yet another weapon on offense and should ease some of Curry's burden. So although Durant may take shots away from Curry, adding him just makes everything that much easier overall for the Warriors. And with the team motivated after losing in the Finals, Curry will likely want another championship ring more than another NBA record with his name attached to it.