Nobody knows what’s going on with the Clippers, but we know it’s not good.

The team has been mired in inconsistency and mediocrity since the All-Star break, causing players like Blake Griffin and J.J. Redick to publicly voice their frustration and confusion with the team’s effort.

The Clippers’ season may have hit rock-bottom on Sunday night, as the Clippers somehow managed to blow an 18-point fourth-quarter lead in a 98-97 loss the Sacramento Kings (who, it should be noted, are probably chasing lottery balls so they can keep their draft pick).

Clippers point guard Chris Paul, who missed a potential game-winning jumper at the buzzer, didn’t take the loss lightly, telling the L.A. Times that it was one of the down points of his 12-year NBA career:

“It’s a bad loss. It’s probably the worst one in the regular season in my career, probably,” Paul said. “Yeah, that’s tough. That was a bad one. That’s a bad loss. Yeah.

You can almost see Paul slipping down a twisted spiral of depression as he makes the comments -- probably something like this:

Griffin echoed the sentiment:

“These games should mean so much more to us than to them. Nothing against them. But just being out of the playoff picture … We have something to play for,” he said. “And tonight it looked like it was the opposite, the other way around in that last little bit. … It’s over now. Can’t do much about it now except try to move on.”  

This is a real make-or-break month for the Clippers franchise.

If the team stumbles into the postseason and has an early exit to the Jazz or Rockets, it’s hard to imagine the Clippers bringing back the core of Paul, Griffin and DeAndre Jordan next season. Paul can opt out of his contract this summer, but has $210 million reasons to stay with the team, so he’s likely staying put. The bigger questions are about Griffin and Jordan, one (or both) of which could be on his way out if the Clippers deem the era of this Big 3 kaput.

Griffin, who can also opt out of his contract this summer, has reportedly expressed interest in signing with the Celtics, or even the Lakers. The Thunder have also been a popular destination in the Blake Griffin rumor mill because of his ties to Oklahoma.

The Clippers could try to retain both Paul and Griffin and deal Jordan, who raised his game to the All-Star level this season but may be a casualty of the team wanting to shake things up.

Doc Rivers could also be on the chopping block if things continue to go south. The point is, something will have to change.

The Clippers will have a lot of decisions to make this offseason regardless of how they perform, but losses like the one to the Kings only serve to speed up the clock that’s already ticking.