The equipment manager Blake Griffin's fist made famous is no longer a member of the Clippers, according to various reports.

Testi was the equipment manager for the Clippers and also pals with Griffin and other members of the team. However, Testi and Griffin got into a heated argument in February, which led to the Clippers All-Star forward throwing a punch that ended up breaking his hand. Griffin was dealing with a quad injury at the time of the altercation and ended up missing even more time afterward because of his hand. On top of that, the Clippers also suspended Griffin for four games.

Griffin apologized for his role in the incident and was fully aware of how his actions hurt the team. At the time, he also mentioned that he talked with Testi and they both decided to move forward and not focus on the past. They were good friends after all and just chalked it up to simply, stuff happens.

But despite Griffin and Testi making up, based on multiple reports, it looks like the Clippers organization believed it would be best if he no longer worked for the team. A rather curious ending to an even stranger incident.