Everyone knows the game tic-tac-toe. It's one of the most simple games around. One person is X's and one person is O's, and if you get three in a row, you win. That's it.

Well the Portland Trail Blazers decided to let a few fans play a basketball version of the game during a break in Thursday night's game against the Charlotte Hornets. First, the fans had to make a layup, then they could get a game piece, and run to midcourt to place it down. 

It was the same old tic-tac-toe, you just had to make a layup in order to get a new game piece. It should have been an easy little bit of in-game entertainment, but unfortunately the fans were two of the worst tic-tac-toe players alive. 

The game started out normally enough, with one player going for the middle of the board, and the other taking a corner. From there, however, things started to unravel.

After the woman with the O's put down her second piece, she had two in a row, and could win with the next move. But instead of blocking her, the woman with X's put a piece in the corner, neither blocking the other player, nor giving herself two in a row. A very strange decision indeed.

This was Xs' first mistake. 

The good news for the player with X's, was that she made the next shot, and had a chance to redeem herself by getting to midcourt first. She had the game piece, and could block the potential win for O's. Instead, she decided to put the game piece in an already occupied square, which is not allowed. 

You can't do that.

The good news was she still had time to redeem herself. Block the winning square! You can do it! But all of a sudden the player with O's arrived on the scene and we were in for a thrilling moment. Could she get the O down for the win, or would the X block her path. How about neither!

The player with X's put her piece in the top row, while the player with O's for some reason went in the corner, despite the fact she could have just gone in the middle to win the game. 

Absolutely what is going on?

But there was still hope for the X's! She made the next basket, and arrived at the board with plenty of time to block the winning path for O's and force a cat's game. 

It's right there! Put it in the middle row!

Instead she wavered, looking around for many seconds, before bizarrely deciding to once again put her game piece on an occupied square. As she did so, the player with O's showed up and secured the win.

Finally, a winner.

Congrats to these two fans for playing the worst game of tic-tac-toe ever. 

Truly an impressive accomplishment.