Even long after his retirement, Michael Jordan is breaking records. A 1997 Precious Metal Gems Michael Jordan Green Card sold for $350,100 on eBay which, according to the seller of the card, is a record. The seller, PWCC, is "leading the trading card marketplace," according to its page.

"In the world of trading cards, this is a 'true holy grail' caliber asset," Brent Huigens -- PWCC's CEO -- said on Thursday, via The Charlotte Observer.

Per PWCC, only 10 of these Jordan cards were produced.

"Most advanced investors have never seen one before, and this was the first copy we've handled in 20 years," Huigens said. 

Interestingly, the card was listed as "altered" by the Professional Sports Association, meaning that it was worn to some degree.

Not only does it break an eBay record, it's a personal best for Jordan.

 "I believe it's the highest-selling Jordan card of all time," said the editor of Sports Collectors Daily, Rich Mueller, per The Chicago Tribune. "His rookie card, even a PSA 10, [which is] gem mint -- there aren't a ton of those around -- typically sells for $20,000 to $25,000."

All of this to say, this card fetching the price that it did is fairly unique. Jordan cards, of course, will always be in high demand. And although only 10 of these were minted, it's still wild to see a card sell for more than some Jordan game-worn memorabilia goes for.