The Warriors being favorites to win the NBA title isn't anything new. The sheer level to which they are favorites is seriously stunning however. Vegas currently has the Warriors set at -1000 for the Western Conference finals, with San Antonio coming in at a +625. That level of one-sided odds is usually reserved for Floyd Mayweather fights, not an NBA series -- let alone one involving the second-best team in the West and the greatest coach in NBA history.

The absurdity of the Warriors only grows when looking at their odds against the field, which includes the Spurs, Cavaliers, Celtics and Wizards. Golden State is favored in the mid to high 200's.

The dominance of the Warriors this season is well documented and there have been strong arguments that having a team this one-sided isn't good for the NBA, but having it put out in the open by Vegas like this is the true eye opener. It's one thing to say nobody has a chance against the Warriors. It's another to say there's no point even betting against them. 

Is this level of dominance good for the league? That's hard to say, but the true test of what Vegas thinks of Golden State will come in the NBA Finals. If the Warriors have their rematch with Cleveland like many think they will, and are still considered that highly a favorite, then the questions might start to get a little louder about how good this is.