Kentucky guard Hamidou Diallo is a wild card just a month out from the NBA draft. The true freshman didn't play last season with the Wildcats — and he still might be taken in the first round.

Or he might come back to Kentucky.

No one knows.

But on Thursday, he made a strong case for his draft stock to rise, which it seems to be doing, with an absolutely bonkers vertical jump at 44.5" inches. In fact, his first attempt cleared the standard equipment so they had to make special arrangements for him to raise the bar.

Diallo might be an unknown commodity because he didn't play in college last season, but his athleticism has never been a question mark. He wowed on the AAU circuit prior to his commitment to Kentucky, and that athleticism alone might be enough to earn him a first-round selection should he keep his name in the draft.

Matt Norlander and Gary Parrish discussed Diallo's unique case earlier this week on the Eye on College Basketball Podcast.

"I think what he's going to find out is that he's going to be a first round pick," Parrish said. "He's going to go in the twenties somewhere at worst. I mean, nothing is guaranteed. But he's probably going to be the best athlete available in this draft, as crazy as it sounds. If you haven't seen him, just go to YouTube. And nothing is more important in the NBA than athleticism."

That much we know is true, especially now. He's got the athleticism to be an NBA player. But will he come back to refine his skills at the collegiate level? Or will he stay and make his money immediately without playing a game for Kentucky and keep his name in the draft?

The clock is ticking on a decision for Diallo. The former five-star recruit has until May 24th to withdraw from the draft.