LeBron James has been playing with the Raptors through the entirety of the Cavaliers playoff series against them. In Game 1 he called an alley-oop off the glass from Kyrie Irving in the first quarter. In Game 2 he spun the ball in his hands before pulling up for a 3-pointer over Serge Ibaka. After receiving a little bit of backlash for his disrespect there was a possibility of James choosing to cool off and just play his game.

Well, he kind of did that. James went off for 35 points on 16 shots and was mainly just a dominant force. Not a lot of trash talk and no antics. At least, not the kind that are immediately noticeable. Remember that time Larry Bird exclusively shot with his left hand for an entire game? James had his version of that. Twice spinning around his defender and pulling up with a left-handed floater.

This is mean. James didn't have to go with his left hand on either of these plays, but he did so anyway. Maybe he just thought it was a better shot, or perhaps it was a jab at the Raptors' inability to stop him. Even when he goes left he can't be stopped. Bird would be proud.