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There's a tough new reporter on the New Orleans Pelicans beat. One Albeda Murphy was on the scene following the Pelicans' 129-102 win over the Indiana Pacers on Friday night to question why Trey Murphy III, an 86.6% career free throw shooter, missed three foul shots during the game. 

She had no praise for Murphy's 28 points and seven rebounds in one of his best performances of the season. Instead, she wanted to know why he didn't get to 31 points to set a new season high, and she would not relent until her question was answered. 

Here's the full exchange:

Albeda Murphy: It has been a couple of games where you've missed two free throws in a row. That is bothersome to your mother. You would have 31 points tonight if you had hit all three free throws [that you missed]. 

Trey Murphy: "Next question, please."

Albeda Murphy: "I would love to know why, when I have witnessed you make 98 free throws in a row. What is going on when you're at the free throw line to miss two in a row?"

Trey Murphy: "Next question, please."

Albeda Murphy: "No, there is not a next question. I will harass you when you get home."

Trey Murphy: "OK, alright. Yeah, I have to make free throws obviously and just not rush and not get too excited on the line. Next question, please."

If you haven't figured it out by now, that was indeed Murphy's mother, who crashed the press conference to scold her son about his missed free throws. Everyone has gotten a kick out of his mom's questioning, but Murphy wanted no part of it in the moment, which only made it funnier. 

Murphy is indeed struggling at the free-throw line. After making 90.5% of his attempts last season, he's at 76.5% in this campaign. Of course, when you get fouled as infrequently as Murphy does, it only takes a few misses to sink your percentages. Still, it's surprising that he's already missed more free throws this season (19) than he did all of last season (18) on 109 fewer attempts thus far. 

Perhaps his mom's tough love will get him back on track. 

Like Mr. T once said, "Mother / There is no other / Like mother / So treat her right."