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Early in the fourth quarter of the New Orleans Pelicans' dominant win over the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday, Zion Williamson sprinted the length of the floor for a thunderous alley-oop that nearly brought the rim down. It was yet another moment that made everyone wonder what he could do in an NBA Slam Dunk Contest. 

As it turns out, we may not have to wait long to find out. Williamson told reporters during his post-game press conference that he'll participate in the event next year on one condition:

"I gotta do my part and make the All-Star Game," Williamson said. "If I'm in the All-Star Game, I'll do the Dunk Contest. But if I'm not, not doing it."

Once the premier event at All-Star Weekend, the Slam Dunk Contest has fallen off in recent years, due in large part to a lack of star power. This year, Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown was the first All-Star to take part since 2018, and his fellow dunkers were a G Leaguer (who won again), a rookie and a guy on a two-way contract. 

Should Williamson actually commit to the 2025 edition, it would generate some desperately needed buzz for the beleaguered showcase. But will he actually show up? That's the big question considering he's made similar promises in the past, and is yet to follow through. 

Back in 2021, ahead of his first All-Star appearance, Williamson dropped hints that he was considering participating. "Who knows? That's all I can say," Williamson said. "Who knows? I might. You never know." He did not end up dunking that year in Atlanta, though the Dunk Contest was at halftime of the All-Star Game due to COVID restrictions.

Last year, Williamson went further in an interview before the 2023 All-Star Game. "I'll think about it," Williamson said. "I'll put heavy consideration into doing the Dunk Contest. I feel like if I am going to do it, I'd probably do it next year." He ended up not being selected for this year's All-Star Game, and, of course, did not show up for the Dunk Contest. 

His most recent comments are his most direct yet on the subject, but are still no guarantee. For one he has to be healthy for an extended period of time in order to even be considered for the All-Star Game. And two, he has to then actually be selected, which is no easy feat in a loaded Western Conference. 

There's no question it would be awesome to see Williamson in the Slam Dunk Contest, but you probably shouldn't get your hopes up this far in advance.