The Green Bay Packers are struggling this season, and their offense is not up to the level it typically is with quarterback Aaron Rodgers as the leader. The Packers are 3-3 and coming off a shocking 27-10 loss at home to the New York Jets.

Safe to say, things are not great in Green Bay, and it seems those on the team have different reasons as to why the team is not living up to expectations. 

After the loss to the Jets, Rodgers was asked what the offense needs to do to win.

"Simpler. Simpler," he said. "Simplify some things."

Head coach Matt LaFleur was asked Monday if he was surprised to hear that Rodgers wants to simplify things. With a slight smile, he said, "Ummm, I don't know what that means."

LaFleur later tried to clear up the confusion, assuring everyone that he was on the same page as his Super Bowl champion quarterback.

"Every week when we go through a plan, we are 100% going into the game on the same page," LaFleur said (via Packers News). "There's nothing that we put in, when we put in the game plan, without having some communication with him. Because I don't want to put it in if he doesn't feel good about it, or uneasy about it.

"Obviously, you always want your quarterback to feel comfortable and confident in the plan. I think that's where it starts. So, yeah, we talk about everything that we put in."

The Packers' losses this season have come against the Minnesota Vikings, New York Giants and Jets, and they came very close to losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, only winning by two, and to the New England Patriots and third-string quarterback Bailey Zappe, winning by three in overtime.

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Is it time to start panicking? When Rodgers is the quarterback, it seems there is always a chance for the team to turn it around. Plus, it's still early enough in the season for the Packers to take control of the division.

But based on the postgame comments between quarterback and head coach, it does seem that something needs to change in Green Bay for the team to return to the league's top-tier. Rodgers currently ranks No. 13 among quarterbacks in passing yards while the Packers are 15th in yards per game and 23rd in total points.

The offense lost Davante Adams this offseason, and while it knew it would be an adjustment with the younger receivers, it has been more of an adjustment than many expected. 

The Packers' next chance to simplify the offense, or not simplify it (depending on who you ask), will be against the Washington Commanders on Oct. 23. If the Packers lose that game, then it will officially be time to sound the alarm.