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Aaron Rodgers' future in the NFL still largely remains a beautiful mystery, but we did get a bit of clarity regarding the reigning league MVP's relationship with the Green Bay Packers. Unlike last year when Rodgers and the organization appeared to be on the brink of divorce, the veteran quarterback told The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday that he is in a much better space with the Packers at this stage of the offseason as he contemplates if/where he wants to play next season. 

"I would say the meetings have been much different than they have in the past," said Rodgers. "In a positive way."

Rodgers noted that he stuck around the Green Bay area in the immediate aftermath of the season and had positive conversations with the Packers brass. Last year, the communication between the sides wasn't as symbiotic as Rodgers would have liked, but the fractured foundation does seem to be somewhat repaired after constructed steps were taken as early as the start of the season this past summer. 

"A lot of it centered around communication and doing a better job of communicating," said Rodgers. "One of the first days I was back, Brian [Gutekunst] and I had a conversation. Very honest conversation after a walkthrough and that was meaningful to me." 

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Rodgers drew a parallel to the conversation he and Gutekunst had to help heal their relationship to him shaking hands with fellow Packers legend Brett Favre at the NFL Honors in 2013.  

"That's what that conversation was with Brian and I," he continued. "I felt like that was kind of a first step to having a real free-flowing conversation and friendship. I'm definitely thankful for the work he put in on the relationship and [Packers executive VP] Russ Ball as well."

Rodgers added that he "saw a lot of growth" from the Packers brass throughout the season, but also acknowledged that he needed to work with them as well. 

"At the same time it wasn't a one-way street," he said. "I knew that I had to grow as well. I had to be more comfortable with those conversations, with being responsive to them in a super timely manner. Trying to find kindness in those adverse moments of difficult conversations that we had, but I felt like we all grew and had a good year of communication. Had nice conversations after the season and felt really good about how that got tied up before I left town." 

All of that does sound like someone who is at the very least open to returning to the Packers for the 2022 season, albeit with no firm decision made at this point. In regards to any sort of timetable as for when he'll decide what his future is, Rodgers did relay that he hopes it'll be a relatively swift process.  

"I am looking forward to making the decision and moving forward. I think it's best for me, it's best for the team, and it's best for all parties involved to get this behind us," he said. "I've obviously had thoughts about it and have had thoughts throughout the season and throughout the offseason even during [Panchakarma]. There's conversations to be had and a few more things to contemplate, but it won't be long. I'm not going to hold anyone hostage in this. I'm not going to do that. Obviously, I want to feel assertive about it and when I do I'll make a decision and we'll move on and move forward." 

If Rodgers is firm on not wanting to hamstring the Packers as they construct their offseason plans, a decision does appear like it'll come before the start of the new league -- and the official start of free agency -- on March 16.