Former NFL quarterback Brett Favre has repaid the state of Mississippi $600,000 in welfare money he took for speeches he did not give. Favre still owes interest on the payment and the Mississippi state auditor said the state attorney general could sue Favre if he does not pay the extra money owed, according to the Associated Press.

Auditor Shad White sent Favre a letter earlier in October, detailing what was owed. White demanded $828,000, which breaks down to $600,000 and $228,000 in interest. The Packers legend still owes $228,000

"If he does not pay that within 30 days of our demand, the AG will be responsible for enforcing the payment of the interest in court," White said, regarding the interest

The former Packers quarterback was paid $1.1 million in welfare money "for appearances, promotions, autographs and speaking engagements." Favre was not present at the events, despite taking the money for them. In May of 2020, Favre paid $500,000 and said he was committed to repaying the rest through installments over the next few months.

The funds were supposed to go to families in need via two non-profit organizations, whose owners have been indicted on federal and state charges concerning their alleged role in the largest embezzlement scheme in Mississippi history. Favre received a piece of the money from Families First For Mississippi, one of the largest non-profit organizations involved in the scheme. However, Favre never spoke in front of the foundation and has maintained that he was unaware the funds were given illegally when he accepted them.

Favre is not facing criminal charges in the case.