Buccaneers receiver Louis Murphy went to a wedding Friday night and ended up overstaying his welcome. He didn't leave until the following morning and his exit method involved breaking glass and calling for help.

This isn't your ordinary wedding story.

On Friday, Murphy attended Deonte Thompson's wedding at Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. Thompson, a Bears receiver, played college ball with Murphy at Florida.

As The Tampa Bay Times reported, Murphy did what most people do at weddings: He drank alcohol. Then, he did what most people don't do at weddings: He fell asleep on the stairs of a courtyard.

Louis Murphy did something you shouldn't do at a wedding. USATSI

Eventually, he woke up. And he found himself alone in a locked museum.

I'll let The Times finish the story:

Murphy told police he "got nervous and broke the glass on one of the doors in order to unlock it," then called a friend, who called 911. Police arrived at 1:12 a.m., and then the museum's facilities manager arrived and estimated the damage to the window at $1,000. The two parties agreed to "work out the repair costs amongst themselves," according to the report.

Murphy wasn't charged with a crime and released a statement on Wednesday explaining what happened.

"This was really just a series of small unfortunate circumstances," Murphy said. "With no one around, my only option was to break a small glass pane of the door in order to access a phone and call for help. I dialed the police and explained that I needed assistance. It's unfortunate that I needed to break the glass, but the police officers on the scene and museum staff acknowledged that I didn't have many other options. I'm working with the museum to ensure everything is properly handled."

Congratulations to Louis Murphy. He just won the unofficial award for best offseason story.