Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury is entering season No. 4 in 2022, and he's helped the franchise improve every step of the way. While the 2021 campaign ended on a sour note, it marked the first time the Cardinals had recorded double-digit wins and made the playoffs since 2015. 

In the middle of last season, Kingsbury started to again get attention in the college ranks, this time from Oklahoma. The former Texas Tech head coach said he doesn't "get into those things" when asked about potentially returning to coach college ball, which was interesting since he didn't flat-out deny the possibility. Earlier this week, Kingsbury received a contract extension that runs through the 2027 season, so now he doesn't have to act like he's interested in coaching college football again.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show Thursday, Kingsbury said he would do any other job before he had to return to college recruiting.

"I tell everybody and I'm not making this up, I would do anything before I went back to that," Kingsbury said, via Arizona Sports. "Like I would do any job.

"It's full time now with the social media and you're either tweeting, calling, face-timing and there's like this constant anxiety, because if you're not doing it, the university down the street is. It just never goes away. (In the NFL), when you're done with the football, you're done, you go live your life. College, it just never goes away."

Kingsbury spent time in the college ranks working with Houston and Texas A&M as an assistant before serving as the head coach at Texas Tech for six seasons. While he went 35-40 during his time with the Red Raiders, Kingsbury was seen as a bright offensive mind, and the Cardinals jumped on the opportunity to escort him to the next level. After these recent comments, Kingsbury likely won't be able to use hypothetical college interest in his next contract negotiations.