Chad Johnson is Cleveland-bound.

The former NFL receiver, who accumulated more than 11,000 receiving yards in his 11-year playing career, will help coach the Browns receivers during training camp this summer. How he landed the job isn't exactly unexpected considering this is Johnson -- formerly known as Mr. Ochocinco -- we're talking about.

Back in March, Johnson asked the Browns to ask Hue Jackson about helping out. He did so on Twitter:

He brought it up again on Monday.

On Tuesday, Johnson apparently received the response he wanted. then provided confirmation from the team. Johnson will be "in attendance at the start of Browns training camp to work with the wide receivers," Dan Labbe wrote, adding that Johnson "will not be there in any official capacity."

Johnson, who spent the first 10 years of his career with the Bengals, worked with Jackson from 2004 to 2006, when Jackson coached the team's receivers. But his relationship with Jackson hasn't always been perfect.

During halftime of a playoff game in January 2006, Johnson and Jackson reportedly got into a physical altercation. Johnson -- allegedly -- took swings at Jackson and Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis.

Perhaps that's why he's not invited back to the Bengals' facility.

Jackson has since refuted that story.

Johnson will have his work cut out for him in Cleveland. The Browns' receivers group includes a group of rookies, a former quarterback who's converted to receiver, and a bunch of no-name veterans. And their quarterback might just be Robert Griffin III.

At the very least, the Browns should expect to notice some improved "FIFA" skills by the time Johnson is done.