It's Thursday. If you're an NFL fan (and you're on this site, so you probably are), you know what that means: there's a "Thursday Night Football" game on this evening. This one's between the Bengals and Dolphins.

Because it's "Thursday Night Football" the teams are wearing their Color Rush uniforms, as every TNF team will throughout this season. Let's check em out.

First, the Bengals in some white hot threads:

A.J. Green really looks like he means business in that picture. I'm a big fan of these Color Rush jawns. They're much simpler than the ones a lot of other teams are wearing, and the black and white sleeve as opposed to the usual black and orange the Bengals wear is a nice touch to keep the motif going.

Here's what the Dolphins will have on:

These are... not a great look. Jarvis Landry looks like he's wearing an orange leotard. I've always liked Miami's seafoam green or aqua or whatever you call them jerseys, and thought going to orange was a bit unnecessary. But hey, it's not every day you get to see football players in orange leotards, so we've got that going for us.