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The Dallas Cowboys seem committed to quarterback Dak Prescott, which means an extension for the 29-year-old is likely in his future. A franchise tag will not take place this offseason with the deadline behind us, but talks of securing No. 4 long(er)-term are happening in Dallas. Prescott is currently two years into the four-year $160 million contract signed in 2021.

The team's executive vice president Stephen Jones said during the NFL Scouting Combine that extending their current starter is compatible with the Cowboys' plan (per NFL.com). They are not looking for a new quarterback and an extension could give Dallas more cap space to work with heading into the 2023 season. 

Prescott seems to be on the same page and does not see himself wearing another uniform in the NFL.

"I'm excited to be a Dallas Cowboy," Prescott said (per NFL.com). "Always dreamed to be here. Now that I'm here, I don't expect to play for any other team. Now it's just about winning and now it's about to get that done and just to hear the [support from the] front office. Looking forward to an extension. When that time comes, it will happen. I'm with Stephen [Jones], it may just happen overnight. When it happens, it happens. It will be great."

Both sides are talking about a future deal, but getting it done is another story. Coming to an agreement on the figures involved is never easy for players and teams, as we even saw with Prescott's last deal. His last agreement came after two franchise tags.