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Miami Dolphins star Tyreek Hill claimed in a recent appearance on "The Pivot" podcast that he's working to correct his off-field behavior. It turns out the wide receiver was subject to a police investigation over an alleged domestic dispute less than two months prior, according to the Miami Herald, though no criminal charges resulted from the incident.

In late January, weeks removed from his South Florida house catching fire, Hill denied on social media that he had filed for divorce from Keeta Vaccaro, his wife of just two months. Hill then withdrew a divorce petition that had been filed in his name, but Davie, Florida, police were soon called to his property after a cousin of Vaccaro claimed to hear Hill screaming at his wife.

Vaccaro then told police she and Hill were arguing over multiple issues related to a pending breakup, per the Herald, including a postnuptial agreement and Hill removing her presence from his social-media accounts. She claimed to be "bullied, threatened and verbally abused" while alleging Hill "smashed" an unlit cigar in her face during the incident. Hill, meanwhile, told police he "flicked" the cigar, and officers reportedly did not notice any visible signs of a struggle in the home.

No arrest was made, and no charges were filed. But the incident may have contributed to Hill's recent vow to reshape his public image, with the Pro Bowler telling "The Pivot" he "lost my true self from what my grandparents raised me to be when I entered the league" and "completely forgot my relationship with God."

Hill was also recently named in a civil lawsuit alleging he "forcefully" pushed a woman during a football drill at his house, resulting in the fracturing of her leg, though his attorney has slammed the claims as "baseless." Hill is also coming off a year in which he faced two paternity lawsuits from different women seeking child support for kids he allegedly fathered, according to the Herald.

He was previously the subject of a Miami-Dade police investigation over an alleged assault at a marina prior to a fishing trip. He was also investigated for alleged battery after an incident involving his then-3-year-old son in 2019, though the case was later deactivated. Prior to entering the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs, Hill pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery, then underwent an anger management course.