Don Shula apparently isn't a fan of Bill Belichick. (Getty Images)

For whatever reason everyone seems hell bent on giving the Patriots a bunch of "no one believes in us" ammo this postseason. The Ravens are obviously taking them down! Don Shula is mocking Bill Belichick for cheating!

Wait, what? It would be weird for the legendary Dolphins coach to come out of nowhere and take a shot at Belichick, but that's exactly what happened in a feature for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Shula's 85th birthday.

Speaking with Dave Hyde of the Sun-Sentinel about other great coaches, is asked about Belichick and doesn't hold back with his response.

"Beli-cheat?" Shula says.

The only good that's going to come of this is when someone around Belichick's next press conference asks him about Shula's comment, which, by the way, is pretty unnecessary.

You're 85, you're retired, you have the only perfect season in NFL history (the Pats completed the 2007 regular season undefeated but lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl) and you get to kick it and play golf while money from your steakhouses rolls into your already loaded pockets.

Sending zingers at current head coaches -- especially wildly successful ones -- just seems a little petty. 

But, hey, do you, Don. If that's your opinion, fire it off for all the same reasons listed above as to why you shouldn't say it.

The view from here (with an ample supply of popcorn) should be interesting at least. 

H/T Pro Football Talk